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Novell 050-733 Dumps

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SUSE Certified Linux Administrator 12


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Questions & Answers for Novell 050-733

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Question #1

What does the following line of the sudo configuration file mean? geeko ALL =

A. All users are allowed to shut down the computer.

B. it allows the user geeko to shut down the computer.

C. All users (except geeko) are allowed to shut down the computer.

D. User geeko is allowed to shut down the computer with name ALL.

E. All users of the computer with the name geeko are allowed to shut down the computer.

Question #2

You want to copy the mytext file from your computer to the /tmp/ directory on the remote Which command would you use to accomplish this?

A. ssh mytext

B. scp mytext

C. scp mytext

D. sftp mytext

Question #3

What packages need to be installed for UEFI secure boot? (Choose three.)

A. grub2-x86_64-efi

B. shim

C. mokutil

D. boot-keygen

E. md5boot

F. lilo

G. cms_mod

H. osverify

Question #4

Which protocol is used to send messages by the ping command?







Question #5

Which command will update an rpm package? (Choose two.)

A. rpm-F package_name.rpm

B. rpm-i package_name.rpm

C. rpm -U package_name.rpm

D. rpm-v package_name.rpm

E. update package_name.rpm

Question #6

What are valid sections in asystem unit file? (Choose three.)

A. [Unit]

B. [Service]

C. [install]

D. [Global]

E. [Runlevel]

F. [Pre]

G. [Post]

H. [Main]

I. [Onboot]

J. [Modules]

Question #7

What are valid systemd unit types? (Choose three.)

A. Service

B. Targets

C. Device

D. Runlevel

E. Partition

F. Form

G. Pointer

H. Link

I. Share

Question #8

Which command uninstalls an rpm package?

A. rpm -d package_name

B. rpm - e package_name

C. rpm -r package_name

D. rpm -u package_name

E. remove package_name

F. uninstall package_name

Question #9

You have a test directory with the following permissions: rwx......
You want to change the permissions to the following values: r-xr-xr-x.
Which command accomplishes this?

A. chmod 777 test

B. chmod a=rx test

C. chmod u=rx,a-rx test

D. chmod u+w,g+rx,o+rx test

Question #10

To set up LVM from scratch, in which order you will execute the LVM commands?

A. pvcreate, vgcreate, Ivcreate

B. pvcreate, Ivcreate, vgcreate

C. vgcreate, Ivcreate, pvcreate

D. vgcreate, pvcreate, Ivcreate

E. Ivcreate, pvcreate, vgcreate

F. Ivcreate, vgcreate, pvcreate

Question #11

What command is used to switch the primary group?

A. newgrp

B. chgrp

C. switchgrp

D. swgrp

E. chmod

F. chown

Question #12

You want to install the gvim RPM package that is available on the SUSE Linux Enterprise
Server installation media. Which command installs the gvim package, and resolves
dependencies as needed?

A. rpm -i gvim

B. yast-igvim

C. yast-lgvim

D. rpm-U gvim

Question #13

What does the Activity Overview in GNOME show? (Choose three.)

A. Your calendar entries for today

B. The new emails in your inbox

C. The CPU usage

D. The memory usage

E. The usage of your network cards

F. Your favorite appli cati ons

G. Your virtual workspaces

H. A search tool

I. The new entries in the system's log files

J. Currently logged in users

Question #14

Where are the SuSEfirewall2 service definition files located?

A. /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2.d/

B. /etc/SuSEfirewall2/service/

C. /etc/SuSEfirewall2/config/

D. /etc/SuSEfirewall2/service/def/

Question #15

What system command switches to a single user system without network?

A. systemctl isolate rescue target

B. systemctl isolate emergency target

C. systemctl switch single-usertarget

D. systemctl- -runlevel=1

E. systemctl set-default minimal target