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Question No : 1

Vhen you are configuring multiple virtual machine networks on an ESXi host how can you
arrange virtual machine port groups and vSphere Standard Switches?

A. You can only configure multiple vSphere Standard Switches if you have more than four physical NICs in each ESXi host.
B. You can only configure more than one network on an ESXi host by using multiple vSphere Standard Switches.
C. You can configure more than one network using multiple virtual machine port groups on one or more vSphere Standard Switches.
D. You can only configure one virtual machine port group per vSphere Standard Switch.

Question No : 2

Which two NSX technologies can be used to integrate physical workloads into a software
overlay? (Choose Two.)

A. Distributed Logical Router
B. Edge Services Gateway
C. VXLAN Tunnel Endpoint
D. Service Composer

Question No : 3

Which statement represents a common use case for deploying NSX?

A. NSX allows organizations to remove all physical network devices
B. NSX provides rapid deployment of core services such as firewall and load balancing
C. NSX provides simplified management of physical network devices
D. NSX provides easier virtual machine deployment than traditional ySphere enabled data centers

Question No : 4

You need to connect your virtual network to non-virtualized hosts. Which feature of NSX
will provide the services for you to do this?

A. NSX Gateway
B. NSX Bridging
C. NSX Manager

Question No : 5

Which two components are required for a vendor application to integrate with NSX Service
Composer? (Choose two)

A. NSX Firewall credentials
B. NSX Firewall IP address or FQDN
C. NSX Manager IP address or FQDN
D. NSX Manager credentials

Question No : 6

Which feature makes it possible to integrate NSX with in-house or third party Cloud
Management Platforms?

A. NSX Edge Gateway
B. Service Composer
D. The NSX plug-in

Question No : 7

Within the NSX architecture, how is the NSX distributed firewall deployed?

A. As a single separate virtual appliance
B. It is embedded in the VMkernel
C. As a virtual appliance on every ESXi host
D. It is installed onto the vCenter Server

Question No : 8

Which NSX enabled tool can consolidate, visualize and correlate syslog data from multiple
related components in the software defined data center?

A. System Manager
B. Syslog Manager
C. Log Insight
D. Service Composer

Question No : 9

What is the centralized security component in NSX that provides unified malware, antivirus
and introspection services?

A. Service Composer
B. Security Console
C. Security Policy Manager
D. Security Services

Question No : 10

When explaining virtual networking to your manager which two points can you make
thatdemonstrate advantages of virtual networks over physical networks? (Choose two.)

A. Virtual networks never need to be changed.
B. There is less reconfiguration of cables required.
C. There is less manual reconfiguration required.
D. There is less network hardware required.

Question No : 11

In the NSX architecture, what key technology is used to decouple the physical network
layer from the virtual infrastructure?

A. Network Hypervisors
B. VPNs and Edge Gateways
C. Virtual Switches
D. Overlays such as VXL ANs

Question No : 12

Virtualization allows organizations to quickly and flexibly respond to dynamic changes in
demand. Which capability of virtual environments makes this possible?

A. Management
B. Security
C. Elasticity
D. Automation

Question No : 13

Your organization still deploys and manages applications on a physical network rind is
considering moving to a virtualized network.
What are two advantages of deploying applications on a virtual network? (Choose two.)

A. Built in operability
B. Built in cost control
C. Built-in flexibility
D. Built m scalability

Question No : 14

What must be added to Distributed Logical Router to allow routing to be carried out within
the ESXi Kernel by the NSX routing module?

A. The NSX Manager
B. A Logical Switch
C. An NSX Controller
D. An Edge Service Gateway

Question No : 15

A colleague asks you to explain how NSX provides DHCP, NAT, VXLAN and VPN
Which statement correctly explains how these services are delivered?

A. NSX installs a service driver in each ESXi host to provide these services.
B. NSX Manager is used to manage virtual appliances that deliver these services.
C. NSX is installed as a vCenter Server plugin andvCenter Server then delivers these services.
D. NSX simply activates these features on vSphere Distributed Switches.

Question No : 16

Your manager has asked you to provide two statements explaining the. benefits of network
Which two statements are valid and would satisfy this request? (Choose Two)

A. Physical network configuration is manual, slow and expensive.
B. Virtual networks can be configured rapidly and programmatically.
C. Virtual networks eliminate the need for physical switches, saving cost
D. Physical networks are not compatible with advanced cloud solutions.

Question No : 17

After virtual switches have been configured and connected to the physical network, what
are two network services which may need to be deployed in the virtualized network?

A. NAT services
B. vMotion
C. Firewall
D. Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)

Question No : 18

Virtual extensible Local Area Networking (VXLAN) is an advanced network protocol
supported by VMware and a wide range of hardware vendors. Which statement about
VXLAN accurately describes its basic mode of operation?

A. VXLAN encapsulates layer 2 MAC frames into layer 3 UDP packets for transport across a physical IP network.
B. VXLAN encapsulates layer 3 MAC frames into layer 2 UDP packets for transport across a physical IP network.
C. VXLAN encapsulates layer 2 MAC frames into layer 3 TCP packets for transport across a physical IP network.
D. VXLAN encapsulates layer 3 MAC frames into layer 2 TCP packets for transport across a physical IP network.

Question No : 19

Which two statements accurately describe a virtual distributed switch? (Choose two.)

A. Virtual distributed switch manages virtual machine traffic, while a virtual standard switch is required for ESXi kernel traffic.
B. Virtual distributed switch only forwards traffic between virtual machines and external networks.
C. Virtual distributed switch can be configured with network configurations that span across all member hosts.
D. Virtual distributed switch functions as a single network switch across all associated hosts.

Question No : 20

What feature of vSphere Distributed Switches significantly reduces the amount of work
needed to make configuration changes in a multi-host vSphere deployment?

A. NetFlow
B. Centralized Management
C. Network vMotion
D. Dynamic Scalability

Showing 1-20 of 50 Questions   (Page 1 out of 3)



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